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Websites - Technology - Best Practices Webinar
Dec 10, 2015
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
PETS - President Elect Training Registration
Hanover Marriott
Mar 18, 2016 7:00 AM –
Mar 20, 2016 1:51 PM
Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI)
West Orange High School
Apr 09, 2016
7:30 AM – 3:30 PM
District Conference
Crystal Springs Resort
Apr 21, 2016 – Apr 24, 2016
District Golf Outing
Crystal Springs Resort
Apr 21, 2016
Foundation Ball
Crystal Springs Resort
Apr 22, 2016
District Assembly
Hanover Manor
May 11, 2016
3:00 PM – 8:30 PM
RYLA - Multi District 7470 & 7510
Drew University
Jun 10, 2016 4:00 PM –
Jun 12, 2016 11:30 AM
Banner Exchange Dinner
Flynn's on the Hill
Jun 21, 2016 6:00 PM

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Attendance Report      
October 2015      
Club # +/- %
East Orange 5 -1 100%
Morris Plains 59 -5 100%
Wharton/Mine Hill 6 -3 97.10%
Caldwells 40 2 93.00%
Blairstown 27 4 92.00%
Belleville 8 0 90.00%
Lake Hopatcong 20 0 90.00%
Belvidere 8 -2 88.00%
Pequannock Valley 46 0 88.00%
Whippany 25 0 88.00%
Denville Sunrise 13 0 87.00%
Mount Olive Twsp. 7 4 83.33%
South Orange 8 -1 82.93%
Newark 24 2 80.00%
Nutley 26 -1 80.00%
Madison Rotary 79 -3 78.19%
Maplewood 20 -1 78.00%
Chatham Rotary 11 2 77.27%
Branchville 32 0 76.48%
Rockaway Rotary 26 2 76.10%
Glen Ridge 19 -2 76.00%
Wallkill Valley 21 3 76.00%
Cedar Grove 15 2 75.00%
Denville 49 -4 75.00%
Fairfield, NJ 6 0 75.00%
Jefferson Township 21 2 75.00%
Hampton Township 19 -1 73.00%
Dover 15 0 72.00%
Netcong-Stanhope 17 0 72.00%
Livingston 13 -1 71.20%
Montville 9 2 70.00%
Vernon 19 0 70.00%
West Orange 42 1 70.00%
Irvington 11 -1 66.00%
Randolph 27 0 66.00%
Mendham Rotary 20 -4 65.00%
Hackettstown 27 -1 63.90%
Washington 12 1 58.70%
Phillipsburg 31 1 58.00%
Montclair 22 -2 57.66%
Morristown Rotary 59 -1 55.81%
Florham Park 12 0 55.00%
Livingston Sunrise 25 1 55.00%
Bernardsville 31 2 54.03%
Newton 91 0 50.60%
Par-Troy Rotary 17 -3 46.67%
Mtn. Lks.- Boontons 13 0 46.00%
Bloomfield 17 2 34.00%
Chester-Long Valley 9   NR
Roxbury 23   NR
District 7470 1202 -4 68.78%
District Governor
Frank Geraghty, DG (Pat) – Phillipsburg
296 South Main Street, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
(B) 908-213-0055 (C) 610-662-4635
District Governor Elect
Margit Rahill, DGE (Mike) – Jefferson Twp.
(H) 973-398-3607 (B) 973-361-2810
District Governor Nominee
John B. Wilson, DGN (Joyce) – Newark
(H) 973-267-5059 (B) 908-277-3424
District Governor Designee
Peggy Mader, DGD (Maurie) – Parsippany/T.Hills
(H) 973-538-6666 (C) 973-495-2230
Immediate Past District Governor
Larry Ripley, PDGMorris Plains
(H) 973-539-4598
District Secretary
Stacey Borden (Dennis) – South Orange
(H) 973-761-4059 (C) 973-454-6272
District Treasurer
Ray Freaney (Suzanne) – Madison
(H) 908-464-5391 (C) 908-803-4602
District Parliamentarian
Tony Toriello  (Sharon) – Denville
(H) 973-625-1362   (C) 201-280-8010
District Trainer
Barbara Miller (Ned) – Newton
(H) 973-875-8552 (C) 973-903-3845
Larry Ripley, PDG, Editor – Morris Plains
        P O Box 25
        Morris Plains, NJ 07950
        (H) 973-539-4598
Rodney Seifert, AG, Publisher – Rockaway
        (H) 973-627-5256 (C) 201-723-1882
Bob Coultas, PRID – Morristown
        (H) 973-377-2292 (B) 973-267-1618
Ted Krisanda, PDG - Morris Plains
        (H) 973-644-9884   (C) 973-452-7305
Barry Kroll, PDG, Technical Support – Madison
        (H) 973-660-0534 (C) 973-476-2772
Mike Rabasca, PDG - Madison
        (H) 973-543-4768  (C) 973-866-8373
Mary Ann Seeko, Secretary - Wallkill Valley
Tony Toriello – Denville
        (H) 973-625-1362 (C) 201-280-8010
Karien Ziegler, PDG - West Orange
        (H) 973-731-1971 (C) 973-216-5881
The DG, immediate PDG and all nominated Governors are members of this committee.  
Bulletin Editor
Larry Ripley
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For New Members
I am newly inspired and invigorated by both the awesome work being done on behalf of the Rotary clubs in our District and the fact that I learned tonight that at least one person in our district is reading my columns in In Flight!
“The Holidays are upon us again.  My goodness!  The year just flew by.  It’ll soon be snow shoveling time and then before you know it – out will come the sunscreen and the swimsuits.  I hope you all had a delicious Thanksgiving and felt good about all the food that you donated to the shelters so that others also had a delicious Thanksgiving.”
It’s that time again!  Time for the annual Gift of Life Super Bowl raffle!
Each year at this time, our district’s Gift of Life committee sells raffle tickets to raise funds for this great project by selling chances on a trip to the Super Bowl.  This year, the Super Bowl is in San Francisco on February 7, 2016.

Luiza Brenga
Youth Exchange Student
Luiza Brenga (left) and Nicoletta Collura at the UN
My name is Luiza Brenga and I am 16. I have lived in Sorocaba all my life. Sorocaba is a city in the State of Sao Paulo. The city is quite big with approximately 650,000 inhabitants. It is in the metropolitan area of Sao Paulo once it is just 90km from Sao Paulo City, the capital of the state. Sao Paulo is the largest and most important city in Brazil.
Sorocaba is the eighth city in Brazil with the greatest potential for consumption. It is close to the major metropolitan cities such as Sao Paulo City, Jundiai, Campinas and Santos. The city also has one of the most important concentrations of worldwide industries. Sorocaba has a subtropical climate. A curiosity about the city is that the Tropic of Capricorn passes over it.
My parents - Adiene and Marcos are both lawyers and have their own office. I also have a 12 years old brother called Marcos. When we have free time in the afternoons, my brother and I usually watch TV series or ride our bikes.  When I was a little girl, my mother used to take me to dancing classes - so I attended different sort of dances such as American tap, Irish tap, ballet, jazz, street dance and video dance. I love dancing, but unfortunately I had to quit dancing classes because school demands in the last 2 years .  Nowadays, I also attend theater classes at the Cultural Development Foundation of Sorocaba (FUNDEC) for two hours every Monday. I already got my diploma in this course. I love to be on the stages!
I love traveling - I have already traveled to several places in Brazil and also to Paraguay and Argentina which are countries near Brazil. My family and I traveled to Florida to celebrate my 15 birthday.  We stayed there for 14 days and we visited Orlando (Universal, Disney and other parks), Tampa (Bush Gardens) and Cape Canaveral (NASA). We all had a great time there.
I am interested in making new friends and I quickly adapt myself to new situations. I enjoy studying and I love going to the movies too but I do not watch horror movies. I often go out with my friends to go to the mall or have dinner somewhere.
I study in a school called COLEGIO SER! I attend Portuguese, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English, Arts, Sociology and Philosophy classes. Each class lasts 50 minutes. My favorite subjects are History and Biology.  At school, I am the president of the Students' Union. I have a nice relationship with all the other students. I really like to study and I want to learn more and more to go to a great university. I am a hard working student and I have been doing my best to reach my goals. I have not decided my future graduation yet but I intend to go to Law, International Relations or Medical School.
My weekly routine is to wake up at 06.00  a.m. and  get  ready to  school.  My classes start at 7:10 a.m and finish at 12:30 p.m and depending on the day classes finish at 1:30 p.m. I live 12km from my school. So, my parents take me there by car every day. After school I go back home, have lunch and study all afternoon. Then, I spend evenings with my family.
I believe that this exchange program is going to be a great opportunity for me; I will have the opportunity to learn a new culture, improve the English language in locus and meet interesting people. Such experience will be very important for my educational background and personal growth.
I will also be able to exchange experience and show the wonderful country that Brazil is.  I am grateful for the outstanding opportunity Rotary is providing me and I would also like to thank the host family for this huge opportunity. I'm sure I'll do my best to meet the program expectations and I am looking forward to meeting you all.

Nicoletta Collura
Youth Exchange Student
My name  is Nicoletta  Collura  and  I'm from  Siracusa, Sicily in  Italy. I 'm very  excited  of taking part to the  Long-Term  Exchange  program  and  being  an  exchange  student. This next years I  look  forward  making  one  of the  most  important  experience  in  my life and  I'm  sure I  will  learn  many  new things.
As T said before I live in Siracusa. It is not a very big town, the population is J 23.809 people, but in the past it has been one of the most important and powerful city-state founded by ancient Greek. This is why it's full of important monuments (it is an UNESCO World Heritage Site ) and our economy is partly  based on  tourism.  Another important factor for our economy is the petrochemical industry. In Priolo there are some important factories but unfortunately they are polluting our beautiful environment.
The city-centre is the isle of "Ortigia" where I live with my parents and my sister.My dad is an ophthalmologist and my mother is an English  teacher. My  sister Laura  is two years younger than me and she's attending middle school. We have just  moved to a new big and comfortable flat that looks over a bay famous for its sunsets. I have my own room where I use to study every day even if it's not very  big. I don't  have my own motorcycle so l go to school by my mum's car because the school it's quite far.  I'm attending the Scientific High School "L. Einaudi". In my school we can't choose courses , we study mainly Math, Chemistry, Physics and Biology (that is my favorite subject). We also study Latin, English and Italian literature, Art, Philosophy, History and P.E. 1 usually wake up at 7.00 a.m. because lessons starts at 8 o'clock and they finish at 1.00 p.m. We also have a 15 minutes break at 1 1:00 a.m.
In my free time I usually go out with my friends for a walk or I go shopping with my mother, but the things that I love doing are reading and writing. I've loved reading any type of books since I was a child. I like reading book in general but my favorite ones are classics from the English literature. Moreover, thanks to my grandma, I've been acting since l was 4 years old, usually in school shows, and now acting is "part of me". I'm attending theatre classes now and at the end of the school year we are performing an Italian musical. I'm also in a choir in my church.
I've been in many Europeans countries like Scotland, France, Spain and Netherlands with my parents and I've also been in summer camps in England by myself. J really like traveling and I hope that next year I will have the possibility to visit amazing places.
While I'm writing this letter I think about what I'm going to do. I feel strong and determined even though I am aware that it's not going to be easy at all: there will be moments in which I will fell homesick and depressed as well. I  know  that  my  weakest point is laziness so I sometimes wonder if 1 will be able to endure different rhythms of life but I hope to be able to overcame all the difficulties I will meet.
As I said before my favorite subject is biology and I'd like to study medicine as my father did. I am sure that this experience will be important both for my growth  and my future career.
My family has had the wonderful opportunity to host a Rotary exchange student this year. Brooke has inspired me to pursue the Rotary Exchange program. Becoming bi­lingual and bi-cultural, is one the most beneficial things I could experience. Brooke is now like a sister to me and I cannot thank the  Rotary  Club and your  family enough for opening up your homes and your lives to me. I look forward to meeting you, your family and becoming lifelong friends.
Morris Plains Rotary Club inducted two new members in two weeks!  Glen Mueller, a Certified Public Accountant was inducted on October 23rd and Adam Higgins, a bank executive was inducted on October 30th.   Shown in the photo are Tom Zinckgraf - membership Recruitment committee person, John Harper – Charter member, Glen, Adam and Club President – Steve Rosenstein.
  October was a very good month for the Morris Plains Rotary club! 
Maggie Doyne
by Janet Cicariello-Cook
(Mendham Rotary)
Question: What do Mendham NJ, Surkhet Nepal, RYLA, and CNN have in common? Answer: Maggie Doyne, founder of Blinknow and 2015 CNN Hero of the Year.
Past Madison President Camper Bull with Maggie Doyne and Ravi, one of Maggie's Kids
It has been a long standing tradition that Rotarians should wear a Rotary pin.  When do you wear your Rotary pin?  To club meetings, district meetings and events, all of the time or never?
Our progress….
A Warm Bed, A Clean Sheet,   
A Cozy Blanket, and a Freshly Brewed cup of Coffee…..
Do you take these items for granted??? 
If you were once a homeless Veteran the answer would be -NO!
Only 10 weeks have gone by since the inception of this District Global Grant project and so much has happened!  After giving programs at 20 of our District Clubs, 17 are on board and in financial support helping to make this global grant project a reality. 
 DGE Margit Rahill and Pia Reich shop for the Veterans Project 
Veterans receiving household goods provided by this project
Another beautiful WALKFEST Sunday was enjoyed by participants of 14 clubs and 2 outside organizations. Our Walkfest committee and some of our District Leadership also enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Waterloo Village.
Participants of Walkfest enjoy the beautiful weather at Waterloo Village
Fellow Rotarians,
I am sure you realize that our Foundation is the life blood of our organization. Most of you have been contributors to the Foundation since you joined Rotary. Your support helps Rotary promote peace, fight disease, provide clean water, protect the health of mothers and children, support education and grow local economies in our District and throughout the world. I would now like you to consider making our Foundation one of your prime charities and join the Paul Harris Society.
It’s the time of year when we elect our officers for next year.  Clubs should already be thinking about their slate of new officers.
The slate of officers for the coming year should be announced in early December, and then read at each meeting until the last meeting in December, at which time the vote should be taken.
All clubs, worldwide, are to have their incoming officers elected by December 31st.
This year’s Rotary UN day focused on women. This unique opportunity offers both a visit to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City as well as participation in panel discussions featuring leaders and officials from the Rotary International, the United Nations and its affiliated Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).
It’s that time again!  Time for the annual District-Wide 50/50 raffle!
This is an optional fund-raising project that the district operates to help clubs raise money for their charitable work.
The chances are $20 each and the 50% prize will be divided among five winners. 
Leader Needed!
The Group Study Exchange Team will be going to the Sao Paulo region of Brazil from mid-April to mid-May.  The team will consist of four non-Rotarian professionals between the ages of 25 to 40.  One Rotarian “Team Leader” will accompany them.
Rotary District 7470 is looking for two strong leaders to chaperone 28 students, age 16 to 19 during their three week trip to Japan this summer.  The youth exchange is tentatively scheduled to depart on June 28, and return on July 19, 2016.
Family Promise is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to ending the crisis of homelessness by partnering with other public and private agencies to provide services leading to self-sufficiency.
The 2015 – 2016 District Directories are available.  Several were distributed to each club, so that the people who use them on a regular basis should have one.  If you need one and there aren’t any extras at your club, contact District Governor Frank Geraghty and he will see that you get one.

Keep in mind that the entire District Directory is on the district web site.  So if you just need to access it occasionally (to locate a club for a makeup, for instance), you can go online for that information.