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Upcoming Events
Gift of Life Annual Meeting
Ravello Ristorante
Sep 28, 2015
6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Vocational Assembly
Pines Manor
Oct 06, 2015 3:30 PM
President's Ball
Mayfair Farms
Oct 23, 2015 6:00 PM
Webinar - New Member Orientation
Onlline - Webinar
Oct 27, 2015
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Rotary UN Day
United Nations Plaza
Nov 07, 2015
9:30 AM – 4:00 PM
PETS - President Elect Training Registration
Hanover Marriott
Mar 18, 2016 7:00 AM –
Mar 20, 2016 1:51 PM
Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI)
West Orange High School
Apr 09, 2016
7:30 AM – 3:30 PM
District Golf Outing
Crystal Springs Resort
Apr 21, 2016
District Conference
Crystal Springs Resort
Apr 21, 2016 – Apr 24, 2016
Foundation Ball
Crystal Springs Resort
Apr 22, 2016
District Assembly
Hanover Manor
May 11, 2016
3:00 PM – 8:30 PM

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Attendance Report      
July 2015      
Club # +/- %
Denville Sunrise 13 0 96.00%
Morris Plains 62 -2 93.00%
Caldwells 38 0 92.00%
Lake Hopatcong 20 0 92.00%
Belvidere 10 0 91.00%
Blairstown 25 2 90.00%
Hanover 24 -1 88.00%
Fairfield, NJ 6 0 87.00%
Pequannock Valley 46 0 86.00%
Montville 7 0 85.00%
Rockaway Rotary 24 0 85.00%
Jefferson Township 21 2 81.00%
Maplewood 21 0 81.00%
Wallkill Valley 21 3 81.00%
Mendham Rotary 26 2 80.00%
Newark 22 0 80.00%
Denville 50 -3 78.00%
Nutley 26 -1 78.00%
Wharton/Mine Hill 8 -1 77.50%
Belleville 8 0 75.00%
Glen Ridge 20 -1 73.00%
Chester-Long Valley 9 1 72.73%
Washington 11 0 72.73%
West Orange 41 0 72.00%
Branchville 33 1 70.11%
Madison Rotary 83 1 68.36%
South Orange 9 0 66.67%
Dover 15 0 66.00%
Randolph 28 1 66.00%
Hampton Township 20 0 65.00%
Vernon 19 0 65.00%
Livingston 14 0 64.30%
Phillipsburg 31 1 64.00%
Cedar Grove 15 2 63.33%
Bernardsville 29 0 62.50%
Irvington 12 0 60.00%
Mount Olive Twsp. 3 0 60.00%
Morristown Rotary 59 -1 58.66%
Mountain Lakes - Boontons 13 0 57.00%
Montclair 23 -1 55.32%
Florham Park 12 0 55.00%
Hackettstown 27 -1 55.00%
Chatham Rotary 10 1 53.33%
Livingston Sunrise 24 0 53.00%
Netcong-Stanhope 17 0 52.00%
Roxbury 22 -2 48.00%
Newton 90 -1 47.90%
Par-Troy Rotary 19 -1 44.44%
Bloomfield 15 0 32.00%
East Orange 5 -1 0.00%
District 7470 1206 0 67.45%

2015 NJ State
Vocational Assembly
Great Inspirational Speakers
Support the District 7470
Vocational Service Award Recipient
October 6, 2015
The Pines Manor
Edison, NJ
3:00 Registration
For further information
Contact DGE Margit Rahill

District Governor
Frank Geraghty, DG (Pat) – Phillipsburg
296 South Main Street, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
(B) 908-213-0055 (C) 610-662-4635
District Governor Elect
Margit Rahill, DGE (Mike) – Jefferson Twp.
(H) 973-398-3607 (B) 973-361-2810
District Governor Nominee
John B. Wilson, DGN (Joyce) – Newark
(H) 973-267-5059 (B) 908-277-3424
District Governor Designee
Peggy Mader, DGD (Maurie) – Parsippany/T.Hills
(H) 973-538-6666 (C) 973-495-2230
Immediate Past District Governor
Larry Ripley, PDGMorris Plains
(H) 973-539-4598
District Secretary
Stacey Borden (Dennis) – South Orange
(H) 973-761-4059 (C) 973-454-6272
District Treasurer
Ray Freaney (Suzanne) – Madison
(H) 908-464-5391 (C) 908-803-4602
District Parliamentarian
Tony Toriello  (Sharon) – Denville
(H) 973-625-1362   (C) 201-280-8010
District Trainer
Barbara Miller (Ned) – Newton
(H) 973-875-8552 (C) 973-903-3845
Larry Ripley, PDG, Editor – Morris Plains
        P O Box 25
        Morris Plains, NJ 07950
        (H) 973-539-4598
Rodney Seifert, AG, Publisher – Rockaway
        (H) 973-627-5256 (C) 201-723-1882
Bob Coultas, PRID – Morristown
        (H) 973-377-2292 (B) 973-267-1618
Ted Krisanda, PDG - Morris Plains
        (H) 973-644-9884   (C) 973-452-7305
Barry Kroll, PDG, Technical Support – Madison
        (H) 973-660-0534 (C) 973-476-2772
Mike Rabasca, PDG - Madison
        (H) 973-543-4768  (C) 973-866-8373
Mary Ann Seeko, Secretary - Wallkill Valley
Tony Toriello – Denville
        (H) 973-625-1362 (C) 201-280-8010
Karien Ziegler, PDG - West Orange
        (H) 973-731-1971 (C) 973-216-5881
The DG, immediate PDG and all nominated Governors are members of this committee.  
Bulletin Editor
Larry Ripley
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For New Members
During my club visits since July I have been inspired by the projects clubs are undertaking in their communities, nationally and around the world. It has certainly reinforced my assumption that all the clubs in our district are “a gift to the world” and my belief that this year our Rotary clubs will give their greatest gifts ever. The district this year has several tools that will help clubs in their mission including the 21 district grants for $1000 each which are now available to apply for and the 6 global grant matches of up to $10,000 each which the district will provide. The idea that this year many of our clubs will join together to partner on both global and local projects warms my heart. 
Christine Murray of the Jefferson Twp. Club – one of our newest Assistant Governors, came to our sunny shores from Lancaster County (in northwestern England) as a young adult in 1975. She joined the Jefferson Township Rotary Club in 1997, and has since served as the club’s president twice.  As an AG she will be assisting the Rotary Clubs of Jefferson, Vernon, Wallkill Valley, Hampton, and Newton.
“Summertime and the livin’ is easy” [Gershwin], “The Hazy, Lazy Days of Summer” [Nat King Cole], these songs are like comfort food for my lazy brain this time of year. I could get used to this kind of relaxation in summer but then Mother Nature will shake me out of my reverie and the crisp air of Fall will help me re-focus and attend to my tasks.  Now .. let’s see what tasks you’ve been doing.”

Bob Conley, a life-long resident of Madison and a member of the Madison Rotary Club, will receive the 2015 District 7470 Vocational Service Award at the New Jersey State Vocational Assembly on October 6th at the Pines Manor in Edison, NJ.

Evelyn McCoy, District 7470 Rotary Foundation Global Grant Scholar, at the Rotary Tree of Friendship in Cusco, Peru.

Governor Frank welcomes new member to Irvington Valerie Weston-Bell as Club President Glenn Gamble looks on.

Irvington Interacter Jimmy Duong receives scholarship from PDG Barry Kroll.
Irvington High School graduate and Interact Club charter member Jimmy Duong received a $3,000 Rotary scholarship, and is now attending Monmouth University. As a project with his Interact Club, Jimmy created a Rotary Board game that was displayed at our district conference three years ago.
Ross Redmond Youth Exchange A Huge Success Thanks to 39 Host Families and 17 Rotary Clubs
I want to take this opportunity to thank the host families and Rotary clubs who helped make the Ross Redmond Youth Exchange program a huge success again this year.

Thirty nine host families took a week out of their lives and opened their homes to twenty eight students and two leaders from Shikoku, Japan during the first three weeks of August.  In return for providing meals, accommodations, activities and care, these families got the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture, develop new friendships, and make a positive difference in the lives of these young people.  I can't thank these hosts enough for their huge contribution to this program. 
Glenn Chelliah of the Netcong-Stanhope is spearheading a Rotary Foundation Grant-funded project installing small solar panels on the homes of poor people in Sri Lanka to provide them with 4 to 5 hours of electricity per day so that they can have power for lighting, cooking, etc.
Glenn can be reached at 201-841-6585 or
To learn about interesting and available programs for your Rotary Club, or to suggest one for this column, contact Mary Ann Seeko at 
Interesting programs of both Rotary and non-Rotary topics can be found on the District Web Site under “Speakers Bureau”.

A Warm Bed, A Clean Sheet,

A Cozy Blanket, and a Freshly Brewed cup of Coffee…..

 Do you take these items for granted???

If you were once a homeless Veteran the answer would be -NO!

Rotary, Rotaract, and Interact clubs can earn the Presidential Citation from Rotary President K.R. Ravindran for achieving goals that strengthen Rotary and clubs. Activities include growing your membership, developing sustainable service projects, giving to The Rotary Foundation, and building awareness of Rotary in your community.
Eat, Drink, and be Merry!
Please come out and support your club president on October 23rd for this year’s Presidents’ Ball.  Show your President that their great work has not gone unnoticed by making this an event to remember.
There will be food and lots of it, the bar will be open, and music will fill the air. The entertainment will be that outstanding group of performers known as The R & B Group. They will have you on your feet and dancing the whole night long. So join your club mates at Mayfair Farms in West Orange, New Jersey for the social event of this Rotary year.
Invitations and sign-up sheets will be sent to all the clubs in the next few days. There will also be information available on the district website:   The cost will be $75 per person for this event.
Don’t miss out on the fun! 
Each year, Rotary Day at the United Nations invites more than 1,300 Rotarians including many Rotary International Directors, Foundation Trustees, past Senior Leaders, and guests to come together at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The program is designed to inspire and educate all participants as well as provide insight into the relationship between Rotary International and the United Nations. 
Adult Sessions are Sold Out.  Youth registration begins on Sepember 21st -  Register your Interactors or Rotaractors immediately - Those tickets will sell out in a couple of days.
Now’s the Time!
Well, the season came to a close and time to enjoy the summer.  Perhaps too far off to consider what you’re doing in September Wednesday nights.  There are a number of reasons to take up bowling.  Of course it’s FUN. 
It’s starts at 6 pm, it’s inexpensive ($17.00) and most of the time you can be home by 8:30; not too late for even our aging membership.  Yes there are all ages who participate; and no you don’t have to be a Rotarian or a great bowler.  You can watch bowlers who manage to let go of the ball and send it forward.
No, you don’t have to commit to every Wednesday, get a team of more than (4); rotate or simply have substitutes to call when needed.  You can play with a team of one, but it’s not easy to win that way.
Rotary District 7470
Understanding ClubRunner
​ (District and Club Use)
ClubRunner at the District
The District has purchased ClubRunner software with the ability to facilitate communication, organize events and volunteers, publish a website, publish an Ebulletin  and manager the District/Club membership database to help run the District effectively.  The District uses the District Website as the primary method of communication information to clubs via emails, downloads, stories, event management, registration, etc.  There is no cost to the clubs to use, view and enter information onto the District website.
There is a District policy to maintain the privacy of all member information and to never use the information for non-Rotary purposes.
Do Clubs have responsibilities related to District ClubRunner software?  YES
Clubs are responsible inputting information and working jointly with the District to maintain accurate club and member information.  The information below can only be input by the Club President or Secretary.  Additionally a third  individual can be designated to enter attendance.
  • Input Club meeting location, day and time
  • Enter monthly club meeting attendance
  • Input complete and accurate information for club members
  • Input and maintain accurate club officer information
  • To activate “data Integration” ensuring the synchronization  information to the Rotary International database.
ClubRunner at the Club Level
ClubRunner makes a version of software available for purchase by local clubs to assist clubs to effectively manage Club administration.  The purchase of this software is OPTIONAL and is not required by the district.  Currently 31 of 50 Clubs have chosen to purchase ClubRunner software for the clubs.  The District provides support and training to those clubs using ClubRunner.  Additionally ClubRunner at the Club level fully integrates with ClubRunner at the district level. The cost of Club Runner is dependent on the size of a club.  ClubRunner Pricing
Features of ClubRunner software at the Club level
  • Website designer
  • Member directory
  • Email message center
  • Ebulletin
  • Event calendar
  • Volunteer management
  • Reports
  • Dues and Billing
  • Attendance manager
  • RI Integration
  • Committee management
Full details are available online or by contacting District Technology Chair, Barry Kroll, at  ClubRunner does have a 30 day no obligation free trial.
The Rotary International Directory contains a wealth of information about Rotary.  Download the directory and check out the information.  It also includes a listing of all of the Rotary Clubs in the World, their meeting locations, day and time.