What is the Difference Between a Paul Harris Fellow and Paul Harris Society

Generous contributions to The Rotary Foundation are essential to securing and growing Rotary programs throughout the world.
Paul Harris Fellow
A Paul Harris Fellow recognition is an acknowledgement provided by The Rotary Foundation.  There are several levels of individual recognition given by Rotary International but the most frequent recognition is a Paul Harris Fellow.  There are multiple ways in which an individual may receive a Paul Harris Fellow.  Examples are listed below.
  • An individual can make an outright contribution of $1,000 to the Foundation and receive a Paul Harris Fellow recognition.
  • When an individual's cumulative giving reaches the $1,000 level, Rotary International automatically sends a PHF recognition to the Club President for presentation.  Additional PHF’s are given for every $1,000 contribution, i.e., PHF+1, PHF+2, etc.
  • A club may give a Paul Harris Fellow recognition by contributing $1,000 in the name of the recipient.  Many clubs use this recognition to recognize outstanding club service or a significant Rotary milestone i.e., anniversary, birth, memorial, etc.
Paul Harris Society
Membership in the Paul Harris Society is based on a gift of $1,000 a year to the Annual Programs Fund of the Rotary Foundation. Although there is no ongoing obligation, Rotarians are encouraged to renew your their membership each year until they become a Major Donor.  These annual donations to the Paul Harris Society may be made is a single gift of $1,000 or as installments.  Payments must be complete by the end of the Rotary year, June 30th. 
You don’t have to be a Paul Harris Fellow first in order to become a Paul Harris Society member.  If you are not already a Paul Harris Fellow you will become one as soon as you fully fund your initial Society pledge.