Tips For Using Social Media

Like the idea of social media but not sure how to go about it?
Relax; the hardest part about social media is just getting started. Follow these tips for social media success:

·       Tell a story and be sure to caption your photos.

·       Don’t overload – post little but often.

·       Encourage your members to share posts, tweets, events, etc.

·       Increase your visibility by tagging friends, venues, events in your posts. But don’t tag people over-zealously if they really have nothing to do with your photo or your post.

·       Increase your reach – set up and run accounts on Linked In, Instagram and Twitter.

·       Blog — talk about your experiences — and then share your blog posts on social media channels.

·       Establish a Facebook page just for your Rotary club.

·       Stay safe and keep private conversations private. Steer clear of politics and religion — these topics aren’t appropriate in Rotary meetings and they aren’t appropriate on Rotary posts either.