The Fourth Chapter...

Another month has flown by, and as we enter into the fall we find so many wonderful Rotary events coming our way. Many of these events support not only our clubs community projects but also the Rotary Foundation.  One of these is the upcoming Vocational Assembly on October 5th. Rotarians will be able to recognize, and hear about all the wonderful work of Newton Rotarian Denise Current, our recipient for the District 7470 Vocational Service Award this year.
Each year the five Rotary Districts in New Jersey assemble to celebrate these recipients and recognize them for the wonderful work they do, not only for their clubs, their community and their districts but also on an international level. As every year our District again had such wonderful nominees, and our task of selecting only one was extremely difficult.  Come and join us at Pines Manor in Edison to celebrate all these wonderful recipients. 
Our 22nd annual WALKFEST will be at Loantaka Brook Reservation on October 9th. This event is a fundraiser that brings 100% of the pledges back to your club and the Rotary Foundation in your name or your clubs name. What a great way to meet your club’s Foundation goal for the year.  The event will have a continental breakfast and picnic lunch for all registered walkers.  Have another event scheduled for the day?  Send in your pledges and we will have walkers on site to walk for you.
“Pokemon Go”, may also turn up for the event to make it more interesting.  Our committee is growing and has brought some new ideas to make WALKFEST more interesting.  Bring your four-legged furry friends or your bike and enjoy the beautiful sites of Loantaka on a fall Sunday and meet Rotarians from around the district.  Remember its open to all non-profits who would like to participate without having to plan the event. 
Our Rotary Bowling League began another season on September 5th. I would like to thank all those bowlers who have returned.  We are nearing the 60th year of this league. Though we have shrunk in size, the fun and fellowship still remains there.  Need a make up for a missed meeting? Consider this fun event as one.  Bowlers are still needed, so come on out and see what we are all about.  Wednesday nights Boonton Lanes 6:00 PM is where it is all happening.  Rotarians, non-Rotarians, family and friends are always welcomed to become part of our league.  Check out our FaceBook page for pictures and don’t forget to read In-Flight each month for updates and pictures.
Be sure to mark your calendar for the October Breakfast Mingle at the Hibernia Diner on October 15th 7:30 AM.  There is loads of fun and lots of information and ideas being shared, exchanged, and discussed at these mingles. Last month we even had comments from other diners in the restaurant for the excitement displayed by one Rotarian who shared her ideas about the 2017 international convention. So you never know what will happen.  Remember the only cost is your breakfast for joining us.
Last but not least November brings the UN Day to us, and the ever important President/Foundation Ball where each club will recognize and honor their Club President. At this same event The Rotary Foundation 100th Anniversary will also be celebrated. Remember it all started with a donation of $ 26.50 -   Consider now how you will celebrate this special Anniversary.     With our annual support of the The Rotary Foundation, our district and clubs are able to receive District and Global Grants, Exchange Programs, and Scholarships which benefit our children, our community and our club projects.  It is only with your support that any of this attainable.
Till the next chapter… sure to “Make Rotary a Never Ending Chapter in Your Life.”

Yours in Rotary,