Spotlight on Erin Gloor


Erin Gloor: District 7470’s answer to the Energizer Bunny! 

She joined the Caldwell Rotary Club during July of this year. She was attracted to Rotary as a RYLA participant for 2 years and is the founder of a NEW ROTARACT CLUB at Caldwell University.

In her “spare time” she is an emergency room nurse studying to further her education and earn her doctorate. She is also an instructor at The Bar Method in Montclair where she can be found teaching at 5:30 AM. She also owns her own gymnastics studio (her favorite) in Fairfield (NJ) called USA Twisterz.
When she first spoke to me she said she wanted me to tell her how to set up a successful Rotaract Club, I told her that her enthusiasm will take care of  that!
In spite of the fact that they haven’t received their charter as yet, they are holding a Thanksgiving Food Drive for needy people in their town and will be collecting toys for Christmas for a needy group that a mother of one of their members works for.
I get tired just reading this!