Rotary District Conference Awards

Our annual District Conference is a time when every club in the district is encouraged to submit an entry for one of the awards that will be presented during the weekend of events that are planned.  A special new category has been added by DG Frank this year:  The Governor’s Citation.  Clubs will be nominated by the Assistant Governor, and ALL clubs should be striving to achieve this award.  It will be based on the following criteria:
  1. One new member inducted this year
  2. Participation in The Rotary Foundation (i.e., club donation, individual donations, grant project)
  3. Participation in a community project 
  4. Participation in a cooperative project with another Rotary club(s)
Additional awards include many of those that have become traditional in District 7470, including:
Five Avenues of Service Club Display Boards:  Bring a tabletop display promoting or demonstrating your club’s activity for ONE each of the five avenues of service. These include Community Service, Club Service, Vocational Service, International Service, and Youth Service.  Clubs are limited to one display per avenue of service per club.  Five awards will be presented, one for each Avenue of Service based upon the information on the display.  Poster Board must be no larger than a maximum size of 48”x36”.
Club Newsletter Awards:  How to apply:  Bring copies of your 6 best newsletters.  Following categories will be recognized:
          Best Club Newsletter – Overall
          Best Club Newsletter – Rotary Content
          Best Club Newsletter – Overall Content
          Best Club Newsletter – Format
          Most Improved Club Newsletter (from start of Rotary year until District Conference)
Membership Development/Recruitment/Promotion:  Submit a cop of your membership plan.  What did you do?  Did it work?  Did you have an event and, if so, describe what your club did and how it impacted membership.
Best Public Relations:  Submit a display of your press clippings, printouts of e-news coverage, videos of cable TV coverage, etc.  Maximum size is a 48”x36” display on poster board.
Club History:  Be creative and submit whatever best depicts your club history.  This could be scrapbooks, photo albums, posters, etc.  If using poster board, maximum size 48”x36”.
Best Conference Attendance – Overall:  No application process.  This award will be based upon registration statistics.
Best Conference Attendance-Percentage of Total Members:  No application process.  Award will be given based upon registration statistics.
Our District Conference is just a little over a month away, and all clubs are encouraged to start planning to apply for these awards NOW.  The awards are a highlight of the conference each year, and we look forward to lots of entries and some spirited competition!!
For questions or further information, contact District Awards Chair Barbara Miller at