Rotary Bowling League Update



Our league bowling for the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving was cancelled, and what a great idea.  There was enough work in preparing for a day of giving thanks. Many shared it with family and friends or perhaps another opportunity to serve those who were hungry and in need.

As I walked around the Presidents Ball, I couldn’t help see how many more Rotarians I knew just from being part of a small group that takes time out to have fun bowling. Many were volunteers working behind the scenes or there to direct or ensure everyone was welcomed and the event went smoothly.


The mixing and mingling of people made me wonder where or how had they become such friends. Some probably came from the same clubs but I would guess most were from other clubs who hadn’t seen one another for a time. At the root of it, bonds of friendship usually begin in small group settings whether it’s working on a project, attending a district session or maybe just visiting another club.


As we gave thanks, we can see how Rotary made up of so many diverse people who simply share the common goal of “Service Above Self”. Let us keep being mindful of the needs of others and affirm our commitment to working together to achieve the goals we set for Rotary.


May you all have a wonderful and joy-filled Christmas and Holiday Season.

PS – Don’t forget there is still time to join us and become part of our District bowling league. No pressure just the want to have fun and enjoy each others’ company.