Mixed Bowling League


It’s a new year and indoor sports have it benefits.  This year, there are surprising developments!  At this stage there are only 7-1/2 points separating the teams and that can change each week!

It’s a fun league and although we congratulate each other on the strikes and spares, there is no doubt each team likes to win and that adds incentive.  This year with enough substitutes, we manage to have full teams.  It’s a funny system. Substitutes can actually fill in with any team, so you need to keep in mind they could be playing for you one night and against you next week.
I’m not sure how to properly covey the fun we have and our way of getting to know each other.  I think we have come to believe it’s the small groups that we become friends in getting to know one another.
You are always welcome, even to watch.  $2.00 pizza at certain times if you are hungry.