Membership Moment



The Prospective Member Experience


When a Rotary club is vibrant, innovative, and making a difference in the community, it will attract prospective members. Bringing in new, qualified individuals diversifies your club and increases its impact. Make sure the first contact a prospective member has with Rotary is a positive one.

Share the Creating a Positive Experience for Prospective Members resource with Rotarians to remind them that working with prospective members is an important responsibility and a delicate task. From the time an individual is identified or expresses an interest in Rotary to the time they join, make the most of the opportunities to get to know them better and for them to get to know your club.
Need help finding new members? Check out the Finding New Club Members tool in Membership Assessment Tools. This prospective member exercise will help clubs identify good candidates for membership and determine the best way to introduce them to their club.
Why do Members Leave?
Most of us can agree that membership isn’t only about attracting new members; it’s also about engaging your existing members. The Membership Development team has recently created new reporting that provides a comprehensive analysis of membership trends and membership termination information.
Also, Improving Your Member Retention (another tool in Membership Assessment Tools) offers guidance on how to obtain and analyze your member termination data.  To learn more about the membership reports available, the data provided, and where to find them, take a look at the guide Understanding Membership Reports (included the Membership Resource Guide).