Mary Ann's Marquee

“Happy ‘end of the Rotary year’.  Yes – it is that time again.  Quick question:  Did you accomplish everything you wanted to do?  No?  Good thing we have another year to work on it.  Our fearless leaders did a superlative job, as usual, - conferences, assemblies, training sessions, computer labs, and just plain help and advice when we needed it.  Kudos to the hierarchy of 7470.  What have we done in the past month toward wrapping up our club year?  Let’s see …”
Bernardsville – Your May Track Meet is over.  Did all 9 school and 280 athletes participate?  This is a good fund raiser.  Your ‘Adopt a Highway Cleanup’ in April is a good ‘Rotary Awareness’ event.  Now – your next endeavor will be the July 5th Car Show.  Did you all see PDG Brad’s generous photo donation to this year’s conference?  It was excellent, as usual.
Boonton – It wasn’t very warm this May for your Italian Ice, was it? I bet your Country Breakfast was yummy.  What’s the answer to trivia Q.#6 on your May 10th bulletin?  PDG Joyce always has puts in good information in your bulletins.
Denville – The Daily Record wrote about the rededication of the Robert D. Kearney Memorial at Gardner Field in Denville and that you were one of the major sponsors and your own Bill Kader was the MC of the event.
Glen Ridge – ‘In the Glen near the gazebo’ sounds like a church hymn but actually it is where you planted your Elm trees with the help of the Boy Scouts from troop 55.  I hope the blight doesn’t get them as it had done in the past.  Not too many Elms around – good choice.
Hanover – How was your Duck Race?  How fast did your paddlers paddle?  One year you had a gaggle of them, oh, no – that’s a gaggle of geese.  Oh, well – I’m sure you all had fun and only the ducks got wet.
Madison – Congratulations on your awards at the conference and you’re already promoting next year’s event.  Nice promotion of the new Rotary 7470 TV advertisement.  Hope it brings in new members for all our clubs.
Mendham – Your Annual Antique Show was successful but I know you must have missed Georgine.
Morristown – Over a ton of food to the Interfaith Pantry – wow!  That’s incredible.  Even the letter carriers and Morris Plains Rotarians helped.  Looks like you have a couple of prospective members.  That’s good.
Morris Plains – Congratulations on your awards at the conference but .. a mystery box?  It was so intriguing that it made the most money for the Foundation.
Netcong-Stanhope – You helped the Netcong School buy a handicap swing for their playground. What a useful community service donation.
Newton – You were the sponsor of the Wallkill Valley Club in 1946 and you helped them celebrate their 70th club anniversary.  Boy – you must be OLD!
Nutley – About that barbeque at PDG Dinan’s – did he do the cooking and Jane did the rest?  Nice Conference report to the club, Bob.  Congratulations Honorary Rotarians Jane and JoAnn.
Pequannock Valley – You’re planning your fishing trip and barbecue again but you never said if anyone caught anything last year.  No tall tales, please. Your new meeting location is now at Bardi’s and you already put up your new meeting signs under the Rotary wheel.  330 shirts and a street banner is some great encouragement for your 5K walk.
Phillipsburg – You had another year of delicious food at your annual ‘Corks and Forks’.  Was your raffle with the Greenwich Angels Education Foundation successful?  Winning that would be a golfer’s dream having seven days at the PGA Championship.  Speaking of champions, will you be sad or relieved that your champion DG Frank is at the end of his governorship? I’m sure your support was invaluable.
Rockaway – What I want to know is who leaves all that trash that you all so diligently clean up every year?  And … did you run or walk in your 5K race to ‘fight hunger’.  Congratulations Cheri on your Eagle Award.
Wallkill Valley – Congratulations on your Foundation Basket which came in a close second to Morris Plains ‘Mystery Box’.  I know you were happy and thankful that you had the 7470 D.G., the A.G., and five PDGs at your 70th Wallkill Valley Club Anniversary.
“My Rotary friends – Mary Ann’s Marquee is about to close the final curtain.  But, fear not, because I know the Rotarian who will take over this column next Rotary year and you will enjoy his style.  It has been fun reading all your bulletins and reveling in your accomplishments and admiring your voracity toward your Rotary goals.  To try to synopsize everything has been a challenge but I did my best.  Thank you for reading this column but thank you even more for your contributions.  I will now join you as a reader.  Have another good Rotary year.”