Mary Ann's Marquee

“Hello again!  Another month has gone by and you have been very busy, so I’ll get right to all of you on the Marquee.”
Bernardsville – My goodness, this will be the 66th year for your annual Middle School Track Meet with 10 schools and 250 athletes.  Quite a feat! Congratulations to Eric who was selected to be team leader for District 7470’s Group Study Exchange visit to Brazil.
Branchville –Did your Ukrainian guests get to visit all the farming operations in Sussex County and were they impressed?  I’m sure our farmers were happy to share agricultural stories with them.   What did they think of the R. I. District 7470 conference?  How nice of our fellow Rotarians to open their homes to them.
Caldwell – You received a very impressive collection of awards at the conference which were well deserved.  Your accomplishments in the five avenues of Rotary service are admirable.  By the way, the Makers Space project in the library is an innovative one and is proving to be a good learning program.
Denville – Are you all ready for your 35th Denville Street Festival?  After that many years you must have everything ‘down to pat’.  You will also have another blood drive.  What an ambitious schedule for June.
Glen Ridge – Your annual High Honors Dinner will be soon.  How many honorees will there be this year?
Hanover – You’ve had some very interesting programs, i.e. seeing eye puppy training, nutrition and enzymes, shelter boxes for earthquake devastated Ecuador, all very thought provoking programs.  That canoe that Brian and Bob made is beautiful – I saw it at the conference.  It is a very generous gift to raise money for the Gift of Life.  Welcome to your new member Ross Lang.
Jefferson – I like your new bulletin.  Rod Seifert gives such good advice about bulletins and websites, etc.  Also, you made a good suggestion to members about contributing to the Foundation by June to take advantage of receiving matching Foundation points offered by DG Frank.
Mendham – Congratulations on another successful Antique Show.  Georgine would be very happy and she would be happy to know that her bequest to your club will be used to add another scholarship.
Nutley – Congratulations on your Beef Steak.  It was a resounding success.  Now, rest for a few minutes and then polish up your walking shoes for the Memorial Day Parade. 
Livingston – I see those Feid men, father and son, are still busy coordinating projects for your club.  The Irvington and the East Orange Club must have welcomed your assistance with their Dictionary Projects.  Your donations to the Burn Center at St. Barnabas Medical Center, Children’s Aid and Family Services of N.J., St. John’s Soup Kitchen in Newark, and the Comfort 360-It’s a Wrap Project must certainly be appreciated.  Welcome new member Laurie Levy – get ready to work for Rotary.
Madison – Unbelievable!  You packaged 51,968 meals with the help of 250 volunteers for the Foundation’s End Hunger 3.6 Project of 2016.  We Rotarians never flinch at insurmountable projects.  Nice work Chairman Ellsworth.
Morris Plains – Refurbishing the vestibule of the Morris Plains Library must have been very satisfying and welcomed by the visitors.  A cheery entrance just invites people to go in and read and learn.  Your ‘Learn to Ride’ program sounds like fun but seriously helps the children learn about riding a bike safely.
Morristown – Well – did you clean up Morristown on their cleanup day?  But, more important, did you clean up after your cookout?  Welcome new member Ray Wenzel.
Mt. Lakes & The Boontons – Did you all go to the free concert per Ann Korinda’s 90th birthday request?  Attendees were asked to bring food to the concert for the local food pantry.
Newton – You certainly have visitors from all over, i.e. the Ukrainian group, the Brazilian GSET, PDG George from Vienna – including your resident humorist, ye olde John Frank.  Denise, did you get that Brazilian dinner?
Pequannock Valley – Are Cos and Cary taking their comedy act on the road?  All you big losers (of weight, that is) should be able to sprint to the finish line on your June 5K race.  Congratulations to all, and yet another fun, fund raiser for the club.
Rockaway – How was your “Night on Broadway” fund raiser?  The music must have been wonderful.  You had five people at the District Leadership – way to go! You won many awards at the conference – congratulations.  Welcome to your new member Tori Valspirit.  Good use for your $1000 grant from the district for the Lincoln School reading program.
Roxbury – Your Interact Club received a Presidential Citation from DG Frank at the conference.  They are awesome!   Youth at its best!  You must be very proud.
 Wallkill Valley – Bet you liked having the conference in your area.  Was your wine tasting a huge success?  Now you’ll have to make your 70th Club Anniversary celebration a memorable affair.  Congratulations on your R. I. District 7470 grant.  The veterans in the Veterans Home in Lyons will appreciate the 55” T.V. you purchased with money from the grant.
What a great couple of months this has been for your clubs, i.e. successful fund raisers, new members, district events, district grants, youth participation, etc.  There is no need for me to encourage you to cheer for Rotary because you all have done that this year.  We have a great district and you have great clubs.”