Mary Ann's Marquee

“Welcome Spring – even if we have had spring-like weather all winter.  I can’t wait to see all the photos and news about the 7470 spring conference.”
Bernardsville – Having your fund raising car show event in July during the ‘Concerts in July’ should be advantageous and create more public interest.    Putting the article on the History of the Rotary Foundation is a reminder of this important part of Rotary.
Branchville – I’m sure you are looking forward to your Ukrainian visitors and learning about them.
Caldwell – Nice article on the “Rotary Anns”.  Many newer members don’t know who they were. You have operated your ‘willing hearts’ shop for a long time which is an admirable commitment of your members.
Denville – You’re almost there.  It’s almost time for your 35th Premier Denville Street Festival.  June is just around the corner.  Are you all ready?  Hope for nice weather!
Denville Sunrise – Any date yet for the annual Duck Race?
Glen Ridge – I’m sure you enjoyed the Glen Ridge High School Student Government presentation on their annual Glen Ridge Service Day for middle and high school students which coincides with Rotary’s Service goals.
Hanover – Are you getting ready for your big annual Duck Race?  Are Brian and Bob going to follow the ducks down the river in the new canoe they made?  Welcome new member Ross Long.
Madison – 100,000 meals is a lofty goal to package and distribute to the Salvation Army in your support of the End Hunger 3.5 program.  These meals will be distributed to 40 sites in N.J. and N.Y.  The more money that is raised will feed more people.  
Mendham – I think your ‘Reasons to join Rotary information scroll with quill’ is very ‘classy’.  A must for your web page.
Morris Plains – Did I hear the trumpet sound the “Tally Ho” call for your ‘Night at the races’?  Who won?  Who won?  Next year the players should wear jodhpurs, boots, and carry a whip to get in the mood.  Did you have both someone playing the bagpipes AND the children’s Irish step dancers from the DeNogla-Ardmore School for St. Patrick’s Day?  You are so lucky!
Morristown – You certainly made the most of St. Patrick’s Day.  You marched, you rode in those fantastic antique cars, and you Rotarians had the camaraderie which makes everything perfect – including the weather!
Mountain Lakes/Boontons – You must feel very good that you were able to help the Boonton students with a grant to start their student-run - “Paper B Gone” - paper shredding business.  They will learn valuable job skills.
Newton – Wow!  Who had to flip the pancakes for over 250 people at your pancake breakfast?
Nutley – Tom, you must have looked like an impish leprechaun in your green curly wig.  Joanne, that was worth a happy dollar.   Your annual golf tournament is fast approaching but your Beefsteak is first, isn’t it?  How did you do with you scouting for food drive?
Pequannock Valley – Happy walking in your 5K race fundraiser.  I like your 5K race logo – eye-catching and to the point!  I wish you luck with your ‘wheels for hope’ project.  25 more wheelchairs to go.
Phillipsburg – ‘Corks and Forks’ – ‘Forks and Corks’, anyway you say it - it’s catchy.  Good luck on this annual fundraiser in May.
Rockaway – How was Peter Cottontail at your annual breakfast?   I hope you Rotarian readers didn’t rock yourselves to sleep in that rocking chair while participating in the ‘Read Across America’ in the local schools.
Wallkill Valley – Hope your Wine Tasting fund raiser is a success.  The profits will permit you to increase your donations to worth-while community projects.  Then you will follow up this event with an auspicious ‘70th Club Anniversary Dinner’ in May.  I hope other clubs’ Rotarians will join you and help you celebrate this event.
Another month has gone by.  Where does the time go?  Time to look at our planning guides and the goals we set; time to look at our budgets to be sure we spent our money as we planned; and soon it will be time to work on next year’s goals.  We are just busy, busy, busy.  I hope we all had a good Rotary year.”