Jay's Rotary Jam

Hi All,
During August, RI asks Rotarians “...to celebrate your Rotary club, your members, and the good you do in your community and around the world.”  In her official visits our District Governor Margit Rahill reported that our district has seen a slight decrease this past year, below 1200 members, and that among district priorities, membership continues to be the number one issue. At the level of 1200 members, Rotary International may consider combining districts.  Members are the lifeblood of Rotary at all levels.
While the new flexibility in meeting times and requirements may be of some help, keeping our fellow members happy and fulfilled is the best way to retain them and the best way to attract new ones who will want to join in.  If your club is meeting your member’s expectations and fulfilling their needs, they will continue to beat a path to your door no matter the hour or day of week.
In the movie classic ‘Field of Dreams,’ Ray Kinsella voiced the thought, ‘Build it and they will come.’  That is true of Rotary as well. Help to build the kind of service organization you would want to join today!
 Interesting, informative programs are one way to keep a member’s interest and MORRIS PLAINS’ EARLY RISER reports that they had three of them this past month.  GRUPO CAJOLA was formed in 2000 on the soccer fields of Morristown to assist fellow Guatemalan countrymen facing illness, accidents or death while in the US.  Since then they have expanded into serving many educational and social needs, both at home and in Morristown. 
The 200 CLUB OF MORRIS COUNTY was begun in 1971 to help surviving families of police, firefighters and EMS personnel who have been lost. The 200 club also awards valor and meritorious awards annually to promote the good works that have been done by our firefighters, police and EMS service people.
The VISITING NURSE ASSOCIATION offers a number of services to the community including rehabilitative care where a care-giver is able to come to the client’s home, elder home care services, coordinating care for those with chronic diseases and adult car at an on-site facility.  
DENVILLE’S SPOKE tells about the importance of the “…social side of the Rotary experience. Spending time with your fellow club members in a relaxed, social setting affords you the opportunity to know someone in a whole different context and will definitely contribute to building stronger bonds of friendship.” To that end, their members recently enjoyed a SUMMER BBQ/COCKTAIL PARTY at their president’s home, and reportedly, a good time was had by all who left satiated and smiling.
Denville is planning for the upcoming JOINT DICTIONARY PROJECT with the Denville Sunrise Club.  While the club recently mourned the passing of their two-time Past President DONNA COSTELLO, they are also looking forward to the beginning of their 70th Anniversary year and celebrating the 97th Birthday of their long-time beloved member BILL CONWAY. They are also looking forward to the induction of a new member very soon.
NUTLEY’S NUTSHELL reports that a speaker from earlier in the year who was attempting to raise money for an off-road wheelchair had written a ‘Thank you’ to say he had raised enough to purchase the chair he wanted. Two members, WALT SMITH and BOB PETERS were presented with pins for their outstanding record of perfect attendance of more than 20 years.  Their visit to CAMP MERRY HEART revealed that the cabin they sponsor will need some floor sanding next spring and a member also noted and suggested that the nearby UN Garden needs help this fall as well – another team project in the offing? 
September 28th is CIVIC PRIDE DAY AT THE FARMERS' MARKET and Nutley Rotary believes it important to have a presence there to tell their story, answer questions on Rotary and pass out the Rotarian brochure as a way of getting new members. As a way of keeping existing members happy and encouraging them to attend the PRESIDENTS/FOUNDATION BALL on November 18th at Mayfair Farms:  Nutley will pay one half of the $75 ticket price for any Nutley Rotarian attending!
WALKILL VALLEY is planning on work duty at the October 1st SUSSEX FIREMEN’S PARADE. In iieu of a Holiday Party, they decided to go to dinner and the Newton Theatre on Dec. 4th to see the JOHN DENVER CHRISTMAS SHOW.  They recently held an IN-SERVICE MEETING in lieu of a scheduled speaker and discussed retention of, and the need for new members, structure and attention at meetings, breakfast meetings, the newly adopted R.I. rules, a possible 100% participation with a $100 donation to the ROTARY FOUNDATION for this year’s 100th Rotary Foundation anniversary and the need for regularly scheduled in-service meetings
THE HUB PUB OF THE ROCKAWAYS tells of another program of interest, THE VALERIE FUND   which supports comprehensive health care services for children with cancer and blood disorders close to home.  The VALERIE FUND CAMP HAPPY TIMES has an annual camp for cancer patients and survivors which provides children and young adults aged 5-20, opportunities for friendship, independence and developing a spirit of cooperation. The Rockaways are continuing plans for their support of the distribution of school supplies during the ROCKAWAY “BACK-TO-SCHOOL” PROGRAM by donating funds to purchase the backpacks and we will assist on distribution day by cooking of hot dogs, etc. for the participants.  The Rockaways club has an interesting membership recognition program, wherein one deserving member presents the ROCKAWAY ROTARY CLUB "EAGLE AWARD" trophy to another member of their choice, apparently on a rotating basis.  At the July 28th meeting, Cheri Foster was awarded the “Eagle Award” by Denise Nickel.   A PROSPECTIVE MEMBER is in the wings, one who has already assisted the club in a couple of our events including their tricky tray event.  This is often a good way to introduce a potential member into the club and its activities. We hope to see her named as a new member next month!  The Rockaways also heard from Samantha Krumpfer, who participated in the ROSS REDMOND SHORT-TERM YOUTH EXCHANGE trip to Japan this summer and shared her experiences with the club. Rockaway Rotary will be participating in the "CELEBRATE ROCKAWAY" STREET FAIR on Sunday, September 25, 2016 from 1:00 to 5:00 PM in the center of Rockaway Borough and no doubt having fun and getting good exposure during the event! 
 MENDHAM’S ROOSTER noted that the club discussed the new version of the CLUB'S CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS and after some discussion, they were approved with the changes that were discussed which should set them in good stead to get the 501c3 tax status they were looking for.  They are still discussing the CABARET NIGHT PROJECT AT THE BLACK HORSE. Both the club and the BHT remain enthusiastic and the date has been set for Thursday evening, October 6th. It was generally agreed that this project would be good for the Club and, if moderately successful, might be repeated every 6 months or so.  They are also looking into a WATER PROJECT IN HAITI that has potential for a District Grant if they can qualify for this year's grant program.  The Mendham’s also had a very important event take place they installed their newest member, MELINDA MEYER! 
THE HANOVER’S WHIP reported on District Governor Margit Rahill’s official visit; she has now visited about half the clubs in the district.  Besides addressing the important topic of membership, Margit asked the club why a large number of members do not read the district newsletter IN FLIGHT.  In 2011, the printed edition was distributed electronically instead to save costs, although many members preferred the paper edition.  Margit is looking to resurrect the paper edition but the largest drawback is the cost.  A survey will be sent out to all the clubs, but the district will keep the electronic edition no matter the final decision…
Margit’s VETERANS PROJECT has an international partner in Brazil and will be submitting a request for a grant from RI.  They have distributed supplies to 15 veterans this year and have 11 on their list that are waiting for supplies. The district will have TWENTY-TWO $1,000 GRANTS available this year. Information will be announced around September 1 and the applications will be due around November 1. 
One interesting program was on ‘The WAVE,’ an acronym for “WE ARE VITAL TO EACH OTHER”.  The WAVE educates about and promotes organ donation:  one organ donor can donate 8 major organs, “…but it’s not just about organs, people can donate cartilage, bone, tissue…”   The WAVE works with other organizations around the country like NJ Sharing.
The Hanover’s are also discussing bringing VOCATIONAL DAY back to the high schools, having members meet with students in the cafeteria for breakfast to discuss their vocations. •The first annual Hanover Rotary Pancake Breakfast is tentatively scheduled for October 1 at the East Hanover Applebee’s.
Last month, the MADISON E-BULLETIN told of plans for their TOUCH A TRUCK display of 28 trucks Set for July 30th.  Reports are now in that THE FRIENDS OF THE MADISON PUBLIC LIBRARY, in cooperation with the MADISON AREA YMCA and the ROTARY CLUB OF MADISON, made $21,164 for the library, thanks to the 1450 people who attended the event!
Madison continues to support the ROSS REDMOND SHORT TERM YOUTH EXCHANGE program to Japan.  Club members hosting students this year for a week include Jim Allison, Barry Kroll, Joe Smith, Cathie Coultas and Dave Farrell. 27 students arrived on July 28th and will be here until August 16th.  Madison also welcomed new member LISA ROSANIO!
THE CALDWELLS’ NARRATOR indicates that CAMP MERRY HEART DAY was a rousing success. As District 7470 chairman, member Bob Markman coordinated with individual Rotary clubs and worked with Camp Director Kim Minerley to ensure a day of fun and frolics for the kids. The Caldwells’ members showed up in force to staff the bounce house, the cotton candy stand and to handle kitchen duties. The kitchen crew worked hard and was very efficient: they finished preparing, serving, and cleaning the kitchen in time to head home by about 6:30, which is truly record-breaking time!  Their bulletin reports that the Rotary Club of the Caldwells has been very fortunate TO BUCK THE GENERAL DOWNWARD TREND IN MEMBERSHIP in North America and that they are strong due to “…The extraordinary men and women who have joined in recent years (being) dedicated to the cause. Just look around the room at any meeting and you will see friendly, caring people who are more than just members of a club; they are like family.” And that is a key to how a like-minded group of diverse individuals, joined together to serve their local and world-wide communities, can become strong and flourish, have fun while working and enjoy each other’s company, “THEY ARE LIKE FAMILY.”  The CALDWELLS STREET FAIR is in the offing, October 2nd, and hard to believe this year will be a celebration of its 25th anniversary! The Caldwells’ Rotary and Kiwanis built it 25-years ago, and they, their local residents came and are still coming, enthusiastically and happily and in record numbers. Tit was also noted that their WILLING HEARTS consignment shop is closed for vacation - and for renovations - until 9/13/16.
 MORRISTOWN’S RAMBLER reminded everyone that their Lunch Meetings will be held at the Dublin Pub through August, and be returning to the Morristown Club on September 7th, A great time was had by those who were able to attend the Camp Merry Heart events and a specific’ Thank you’ to TOP DOG FRANK was indicated for all of his organization and commitment to the campers.
BERNARDSVILLE’s PINION proudly notes that their club serves not only BERNARDSVILLE, BUT BASKING RIDGE, FAR HILLS, LIBERTY CORNER AND PEAPACK-GLADSTONE. Bet most folks did not realize that! They helped with food distribution at GOD’S CO-OP FOOD PANTRY and are doing it at 100%! They also have open nominations for local ‘sweat equity’ service projects and are asking members to bring ideas to the Board or Club meetings.  Recently, the presented Harrison Byers with a SCHOLARSHIP CHECK.  Harrison attended Bernards High, where his academics were peerless – top level performance in math, science, English, and business. He founded and presided over a new service club, the FBLA at Bernards.  The club also heard about PHILMONT RANCH, in Cimarron, New Mexico, one of three national Scout wilderness. The two scouts, Mark and Christopher chose to do the hiking expedition – 80 miles up and down over 11 days and began each day with a 45-pound back pack with water, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, clothing, food, maps, rain gear, and reading material. Ten pounds of water and several pounds of food were consumed on the trail and at the camp site each day. 
PEQUANNOCK VALLEY’s PV VIEWS told of the torrential rainfall that began the exact hour of their annual BBQ PICNIC, but that the stalwart 30 plus members that did show up had a great time, one member later noted with a Happy Dollar, “Some of our best (BBQ’s) have been in the rain!” A bounty of good fare, plus an extra special touch was the freshly prepared escargot and octopus!  A week later, a dozen members helped at another BBQ during perfect weather, this one raffled off by two members in a silent auction to raise funds at their Valentines Dinner. Still to come was their FISHING TRIP out of Belmar followed by, you guessed it, another BBQ immediately afterwards, at a member’s beautiful Spring Lake mansion.  A bounty of new members, too, as the second month of this Rotary year saw two additional members join: JANET CASSIDY and TATIANA LOPEZ are in the class of 2016-2017 at Pequannock Valley Rotary, as Gino Battaglia and Nimish Patel joined the previous month.  The club is also working and looking forward to their largest fund raiser of the year, the annual PV ROTARY CHARITY GOLF OUTING on September 9th, fifty percent of the proceeds going to the Family and Friends for Freedom Fund, Inc. and the rest to local food pantries and other local causes.  Programs included hearing about ROOTS AND WINGS, a Morris County based nonprofit organization are client-centered, providing nurturing support, safe housing, educational support and practical life skills to young adults who have aged out of the child welfare system and by replacing dependency with self-sufficiency. A local attorney provided updates on trends and new practices in NJ REAL ESTATE LAW, and a New Jersey collector shared his love of BASEBALL MEMORABILIA to round out the programs of the month.
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