Gift of Life Super Bowl Raffle

The winner of the Gift of Life Super Bowl Raffle was Ron Herman of Englewood, on a ticket sold by Rocco Siino of the Rotary Club of the Hanovers. Rocco had bought and given tickets to each of the clients of his employee benefits company, and Ron is one of his customers. Ron then decided to raffle off the prize among his employees, and Jim Trachonowski pulled the winning ticket!
So Jim and his wife Renee are going to the Super Bowl!!!!!  
(Editor’s note – as this edition is getting out a little late, as I’m sitting here working on it with the Super Bowl game on in the background, lo and behold, over my computer airwaves comes a picture of Jim & Renee in the stands at the game!).
  Marc Lebowitz and Suzanne Freaney pull the winning ticket          Jim and Renee Trochanowski at the Super Bowl