Brad Jenkins, PDG, Honored at Rotary UN Day



During the presentation R.I. President John Germ

made the following remarks:

"Tonight, Id like to take a quick moment to recognize another Honoree. Someone I have known since 2002 and who has been working quietly for over the last 15 years to represent Rotary and build those bridges of understanding and partnership that we’ve all been talking about."


   President John Germ, Brad Jenkins, PDG, & Ed Futa,
      former General Secretary of Rotary International.
Brad Jenkins, from the Rotary Club of Bernardsville, New Jersey, started his diplomatic career long before he became a Rotary Representative to the United Nations/ New York in 2001. Indeed, through his professional and personal work, Brad has traveled to more than 100 countries. He is a world class photographer and a member of the Rotary Foundation’s Arch Klumph Society.
Brad early on became a student of our well-known first Rotary Representative Sylvan “Barney” Barnet and learned much about the United Nations from him including the many joys and challenges of organizing a Rotary Day at the United Nations. It was under Brad’s leadership that our UN Day grew from a local event to become a key event on the Rotary calendar. Indeed, he led more than eight Rotary Days at the United Nations.
Brad, can you please join me at the podium? We thank you, Brad, for your untiring service in the true spirit of Rotary. May this plaque be a reminder of our gratitude for your diplomatic efforts, good counsel, and uncompromised service for Rotary at the United Nations."