Bowling Season is About to Start

Be like these young recruits who can’t wait to start.  How about giving it try?
Look for the first night in September when we start and see if you can’t come up with a four-member team.  It’s a great way to socialize and simply have some fun with other clubs.  Of course there is competition just to encourage you to try but it’s just not that serious.
There is a commitment and believe it or not we have seen only one member show up from a team and managed to win with score by averages.  There are floating members who will fill if for any team that could use a substitute and you can have as many substitutes from your club.
How about a signup sheet for any member who is willing to commit to simply one night during the season?  The Bowling lane has everything you need. It’s possibly the most reasonable night out and without much effort be home before nine.