2017 District Conference

Whether it is by luck or chance the 2017 District Conference has fallen on 3 special holidays.  May the 4th be with you, Cinco de Mayo, and Run for the Roses.  We will be celebrating all three!
The conference will begin on May 4th with our District Golf Outing for those who are golf enthusiast.  Towards the late afternoon we may be looking at R2D2 showing up and entertaining not only our young crowd but also our Star War fans. I recently attended a birthday party where R2 made an appearance and I am not sure if the kids were more excited than the parents.
On May 5th as tradition goes, the celebration following the plenary sessions will include your traditional Mexican dinner, including tacos, burritos, enchiladas and more. Don’t forget about enjoying the margaritas, beer, and throwing back a cerveza or two.  Gentlemen, bring your maracas and white brimmed black hat, and don’t forget those sombreros. Ladies those brightly colored dresses with full skirts trimmed in ribbons, lace and frills will be the perfect attire.  We will be looking to award prizes for the best attire.  Rule of thumb is to keep it festive. 
May 6th, once again following a very short plenary session the celebration will begin, but this time on a more distinguished note.  The time is just right for mint juleps, and Kentucky bourbon.   Will we see the two minutes from the running of the roses, you just never know?  Let your imagination run wild and dress for the occasion, hats are a must for the ladies, sundresses, and heels! For our Gentlemen classic seer sucker suits and a colorful bow tie. Of course more prizes can be expected on Saturday night.
Our brochures and registration forms will be coming out in January to all our membership.  Mark your calendar to be at Skytop in the Poconos on May 4th- May 7h.   Details on our ice cream social to” KICK OFF” the conference will also be out very shortly.  Hope to see you all there.