A Warm Bed, a Clean Sheet, a Cozy Blanket and a Freshly Brewed
Cup  of Coffee…do you  take this items for granted?
If you were once a homeless Veteran the answer would be “NO”
“Welcome Home Wish  List” project was established to help honorably discharged Veterans, now homeless, who had fallen on hard times due to mental illness, drug  addiction, severe depression, PTSD, and poverty. These Veterans who have now graduated from “Hope for  Veterans” program at Lyons,  VA in Basking Ridge NJ, start their way back to once again becoming  a productive member of society in their community.
While at Lyons, VA (a two year traditional housing program) they are provided  safe shelter,  support, counseling,  and assistance with future employment services. The goal  of the “Hope for  Veterans” program is to get homeless Veterans off the streets, transition them  back to civilian life and help them  to become proud  and productive members of society once again.
Your support of Rotary District 7470’s “Welcome Home Wish  List” project enables us to help and supply these graduates with the requested household items as they set up housekeeping in their new apartments.  Dishes…Cups… Pots and Pans…Sheets…Towels and Small  Appliances are all included on their Wish Lists.          We shop. We deliver to their home, but we need your financial support.
Rotary District 7470 Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit, which accepts both individual and corporate donations.  Each “Wish List” cost may range from $ 175 to $ 750 depending  on the items  on the list.  Any and all donations whether monetary or inkind   ( new items  only please) are gratefully appreciated.
For additional information or to make a donation, please contact District Governor Margit Rahill
Rotarydg7470@gmail.com.  Donations in check form should be made out to Rotary District 7470 Foundation, and  mailed to Margit P. Rahill Rotary District 7470 – 60 Route 15 South, Wharton, NJ 07885